About me

I2015-12-04 17.10.16 am a rehabilitation Speech Pathologist, employed by a large Melbourne public hospital. I have a long and complicated academic career, involving study in Science, Linguistics and Music (in which I have completed an Honours degree at ANU and a Masters by Research at the University of Melbourne).

I publish on various issues, mainly connected to my work and interests in research, healthcare and music.

The views presented are my personal opinions and not those of my employer, or any other institution with which I am affiliated. I do talk about clients, but in such a way as they and others cannot identify them through description.


In Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) of Mozart, the birdcatcher Papageno lies to Tamino about saving him by slaying a serpent. As punishment, the three ladies who actually slew the serpent lock Papageno’s mouth with a golden key. A few numbers later in a glorious quintet, they announce that their mistress, The Queen of the Night, has relented, and they remove the key. In response Papageno, who up until now has been reduced to gesture and humming says:

Papageno: Now Papageno chatters again! (Nun plaudert Papageno wieder!)
2nd Lady: Chatter - yes, lie again - no.
Papageno: I will never lie again!
All: This lock will be your/my warning!
If only every liar had a lock like this upon his mouth:
then hate, slander and bile would be replaced by love and brotherhood!

In Speech Pathology, we are often trying to remove the lock so our clients can plaudern wieder, but often we (and our clients!) encounter misinformation in our way. While I’m not advocating locking up the mouths of purveyors of misinformation, I hope this blog will go some way towards Liebe und Bruderbund. (and Schwesterbund as well).


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